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My Inner Strenx®

Legyen erősebb és sikeresebb a Strenx® acéltermékekkel.

A My Inner Strenx® az olyan gyártók számára kínált program, akik rendelkeznek azzal a késztetéssel, hogy a Strenx® szerkezeti acél felhasználásával a lehető legjobb termékeket állítsák elő. Ez arra is lehetőséget ad, hogy a piaci szereplők és a végfelhasználók, szigorú követelményeket támasztó alkalmazási céljaikhoz beazonosíthassák a gyártókat, valamint a kiváló minőségű acélból és a minőségi ellenőrzésen megfelelt gyártási technológiákkal előállított termékeket.

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Licensed members, certified products

My Inner Strenx® represents a quality certification for applications that use Strenx® performance steel. Typical applications are found in a wide range of industries and segments that use high-strength steels and benefit from weight savings, such as lifting and transportation, agriculture, offshore cranes, trains and light rail vehicles, and yellow goods machinery.

Leading manufacturers who show expertise and innovation in using high-strength steel and who follow SSAB’s quality recommendations are granted licenses to put the My Inner Strenx® trademark sign on their products. These companies have extensive knowledge of steel properties, fully understand the advantages of Strenx® performance steel and continuously use them in their product development. The sign shows their customers that the product has been optimized to be strong and light, made with Strenx® performance steel and manufactured according to SSAB-certified design and material specifications.

A sign of quality

Although anyone can buy a product branded with My Inner Strenx®, not just anyone can make such a product.

So, when you see the My Inner Strenx® product logo you can be sure it was manufactured to the highest standards by a qualified program member. All members have been thoroughly assessed to earn the right to display their sticker. Once a company becomes a member, it must continue to maintain and uphold stringent professional criteria.

Serial numbers for traceability

SSAB takes the quality of our Strenx® products very seriously. In fact, all My Inner Strenx® product stickers carry a serial number that can be used to track the exact customer and product.

Want to check the authenticity of your machine or equipment? Just send the serial number of your My Inner Strenx® sign to myinnerstrenx@ssab.com.

The benefits of membership

For starters, members have priority access to an array of SSAB services and resources for design, development and production of existing and new products. SSAB Tech Support shares the latest in product knowledge and workshop practices with member companies. Members also gain a direct channel to the SSAB Knowledge Service Center for help when looking for innovative ways to design with Strenx® performance steel.

Other benefits include a Technical Development hotline, the opportunity to take part in regular design and technical seminars on Strenx® applications, direct access to SSAB Shape business advisors, and support in brand building and marketing to users.