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10 jó ok Quality minded façade

Quality minded façade

 Project: Grumbach office complex, façade solution Germany

Target: Eco-conscious façade for office complex

Product: GreenCoat PLX Pro BT

Architect/Supplier: Karl Grumbach, Wetzlar

The German company Grumbach is a well-known manufacturer of rainwater systems. Recently, the company decided to change the entire façade of its office complex. The previous wooden façade was in constant need of repair and repainting, and maintenance costs were adding up. Since Grumbach is known for its quality products and craftsmanship, the company believed it was essential for the new façade to be made from a material that is nearly maintenance free, with high aesthetics and with the durability to last for decades to come. 

GreenCoat Grumbach Gullys

The façade on the Grumbach headquarters extends half way down the side of the building with a slight flair before the bottom section begins. The owners wanted to replace the previous wooden façade on the upper section with a long-strip panel construction that created a similar recognizable look. However, they also wanted to be free from the continual maintenance of the old façade. Upon assessing a range of materials and solutions, the decision was made to use the color coated product, GreenCoat PLX Pro BT from SSAB. 

The primary motivation for choosing GreenCoat PLX Pro BT was the long-lasting coating that is self-cleaning and provides excellent resistance to corrosion and UV radiation. Furthermore, GreenCoat PLX Pro BT offers a lower impact on the environment than other materials by featuring a Bio-based Technology (BT) with a substantial portion of the traditional fossil component replaced by a bio-based alternative like rapeseed oil.

Installation was performed by a carpenter and not a traditional tinsmith. The carpenter had worked with zinc and copper before, but had experienced these materials as hard to keep flat and easy to damage during installation. With GreenCoat PLX Pro BT, the carpenter was very surprised at the ease of handling, flexibility of the steel and the ability to create nice seam working without any real tinsmith experience. 

GreenCoat Grumbach Gullys

Upon completion, the result is a high quality and modern looking façade with clean lines that are free from buckling. The new façade supports Grumbach’s image as a professional company and a trustworthy supplier.


About GreenCoat®

GreenCoat® is SSAB’s brand for innovative color coated steel solutions for the building and component industry. As the greenest product portfolio of high quality color coated steel for exterior building applications and one of the most comprehensive for the entire building industry, GreenCoat® provides many benefits including:

  • High color retention and long-lasting finishes in any weather 
  • Environmentally conscious color coatings (most products feature a bio-based coating)
  • Nordic top quality steel
  • Easy formability – even at temperatures below zero for some products
  • Low weight
  • Wide color offering
  • Performance guarantee