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10 jó ok Experimental success in long-strip roofing

Experimental success in long-strip roofing

Project: Sofiahemmet Hospital, roofing solution, Sweden

Target: A roof that can withstand Swedish weather conditions while providing an environmental advantage

Product:GreenCoat PLX Pro BT

Supplier: Jonaeson & Wendel

The Sofiahemmet Hospital is one of Sweden’s oldest private hospitals dating back to 1889. This architectural landmark became a testing ground for GreenCoat PLX Pro BT, SSAB’s color coated product with an environmental advantage. Nearly 2,500 square meters of GreenCoat PLX Pro BT long strip roofing has been installed with results projected to last for many decades.


The Sofiahemmet Hospital was in need of a new roof that could withstand temperamental Swedish weather conditions. The vision of the hospital and roofing partner was to be as gentle on the environment as possible, without sacrificing aesthetics and performance over the years. 

The project began as an experiment, when Arne Jonaeson at the tinsmith company Jonaeson & Wendel used GreenCoat PLX Pro BT from SSAB, which features a patented, Bio-based Technology (BT) with a substantial portion of the traditional fossil part replaced by a bio-based component. The response came quickly. Jonaeson and his employees liked GreenCoat®. It was easy to work with and less sensitive to scratching.

Jonaeson & Wendel used GreenCoat PLX Pro BT on the roofs of the Sophiahemmet Hospital and for several other projects. In addition to the coating’s practical benefits, the environmental benefits were a great advantage for the company.

Since GreenCoat PLX Pro BT was introduced, it has undergone rigorous testing in highly exposed locations. The product has been subjected to strong sunlight, salt spray from the ocean and great temperature differences to confirm its good corrosion properties and color retention. All GreenCoat® steel products are undergoing testing in places like the west coast of Sweden, Florida and Arizona in the United States, the West Indies, China, Australia, and on the coast of France.

About GreenCoat®

GreenCoat® is SSAB’s brand for innovative color coated steel solutions for the building and component industry. As the greenest product portfolio of high quality color coated steel for exterior building applications and one of the most comprehensive for the entire building industry, GreenCoat® provides many benefits including:

  • High color retention and long-lasting finishes in any weather 
  • Environmentally conscious color coatings
  • Nordic top quality steel
  • Easy formability – even at temperatures below zero for some products
  • Low weight
  • Wide color offering
  • Performance guarantee